Cubbie and Friends

Welcome to the Cubbies and Friends page!  Here you will find a variety of resources you can use with your Cubbies while they are at home with you.   I have included the Teaching Plans we use in our club on Sunday Nights, and additional information you might be interested in.  I hope this will help your Cubbie not just finish their book but learn more about the Bible truths within each weekly lesson.  

Each family was given a Handbook CD that contains stories with Cubbie, and PDF’s for helping your child get the most out of their handbook.  If you didn’t get one or it was misplaced, here is the zip file that you can download and use.  

Apple Seed Teaching Plans for Units 4 and 5, Missions and Easter Bear Hugs can be found below. These items will be deleted at the end of June due to copyright.

Video presentations from Bear Hug 21 to 26, plus Missions from Commander Bill.  This includes the Cubbie and His Friends and the Bible Lesson for each Bear Hug. 

HelpYourChildMemorize Creative ways to help your child memorize their Memory verses (this can also be found on your child’s Handbook CD)

Alternate Under Apple Tree Activities In addition to the extra “Under the Apple Tree” section these are additional activities that you can also use to enhance your learning with each Bear Hug. (This can also be found on your child’s Handbook CD)

Handbook Time Leader Instructions:  This handout is for those who leaders who lead a handbook group.  Parents use this resource and the Leader sheets from the “Apple Seed Teaching Plans”  to help bring you get deeper into learning about the Spiritual truths of each Bear Hugs.  

Cubbies Games  A variety of ideas created by Cubbie leaders

Handbook Extras  A variety of ideas to that you can use with any type of learning.  These ideas were originally presented during a workshop for leaders who lead Cubbies in Handbook time.

Apple Seed Teaching Plans and Club Helps, As noted above the following items will be deleted at the end of June.

Anytime Games Need an activity to get kids moving, here is a list of games you can use anytime and with any lesson.

Bear Hugs Weekly Lessons:
BH22 AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV
BH23 AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV
BH24 AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV
BH25 AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV
BH26 AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV

Bear Hugs Additional Craft Pages to go with Weekly Lessons:
BH22 AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV
BH23 AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV
BH24 AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV
BH25 AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV
BH26 AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV

AppleSeed Leader Sheets NIV This is all of the AppleSeed leader sheets, just scroll down to find the ones you need for each lesson

We were in the midst of learning about being a Missionary and Missions.  You are welcome to complete the Missions Special Day Bear Hug.  It is not required to complete their handbook.  Leaders Sheet will be found above. 
Missions AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV
Missions AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV

We also had been planning on doing the Easter Special Day Bear Hug. 
Easter AppleSeed Teaching Plans NIV
Easter AppleSeed Craft Patterns NIV