Awana Clubs…Adapting for the Now

Recently Awana hosted on an Online Event that discussed what clubs could do in the fall. In many states churches and places of worship are still not allowed to meet, and for those places that have been allowed to open, there are many rules and regulations set in place. With a world wide pandemic many Awana clubs will need to adjust how they will meet in fall. It is important that Awana clubs are available for children, especially now more than ever! Our kids need the reassurance that God is our provider and He is in control no matter what is happening. Click on the photo for the video to learn how you can adapt your club in the fall. Use the companion guide while you listen.

This online video will discuss what your club might look like in the fall, and how to adapt your program should gatherings still be limited at the local level. Awana’s hope and desire is to come alongside the incredible community of leaders and navigate the upcoming ministry year together through intentional collaboration, support, and helpful resources.